From Another Mind

Just a little something I am starting to keep my family and friends back in the states updated with, without having to call everybody at 2am all the time. I would love to sit on the phone at that time but sadly my work schedule doesnt allow me. Anyways, if you are bored or just like to read about what is going on in other peoples lives then i suggest you read. So go ahead and add a tab on top of the facebook page you got open and read my blog as you continue to stalk people you just met. Thanks, have a fantastic day.

dont remember if i posted this or not but if i didn’t, peep game- me, mooch, and eric perry on the beat

Updates on what is goin down

Soooooooo…familia n friends im on my day off once again. Sadly I did not have time to write on my last cycle off but I am finding time to do so on this go around. Lets see I just passed my QC so that is one step closer to getting my 5 level done. The sooner I can get that done the faster I can apply for a back office job which is my goal within a year. I passed with a 97 which isnt too bad but for my standards you know I wouldve liked a 100. Better luck next time. Something new that has happened besides that is I found a teacher. A teacher of what you might ask since I dont like learning. I found someone who will teach me tagalog once a week for an hour each session. I am pumped because Ive wanted to learn some language and might as well try my hat at this since its part of who I am. Other exciting news…I started playing on a softball team, which will be short lived because its slow pitch softball and its as fun as much as it sounds. Its pretty slow and there isnt much action involved so i’ll be saving my energy for basketball and football which is coming up. Im sure yall at home heard Steve Jobs died, well that was sad news even though i didnt know the guy it was still sad, especially since he invented the apple and all. How do you invent an apple? that was so cool and nice for him to do that. Did anyone get the new iphone that looks just like this one but cost more and has a couple cool features on it? Im not going to waste my money on that bad boy just for the fact that technology is scaring me more and more each day with all these cool new gadgets that live your life for you. What happened to the olden days? Where I could go down to a saloon and grab me an illegal pint of moonshine and grab a homemade cigarette with none of that legal wont cause cancer bs? Those were the days I tell ya. Well this was a joke of a blog posting since I did absolutely nothing exciting this 2 day break besides sleep a lot and burn dvds- insidious, date night, love and other drugs, 40 year old virgin, arthur and i believe that is it. Oh yah, watch the new sons of anarchy and tell me your brain doesnt explode. The show is awesome, every season has gotten better even though it is hard for any show to progress the way this show does. The parts where it is slow it is only because it is getting you ready for what is about to hit you and the last episode was absolutely insane. Well, gotta go to practice and hit my CDCs. Ill post again on monday hopefully. If you want post something to give me a topic to talk about that you want to find out what im doing out here or whatnot and whatnot. Later magooch

A long way home

Being in the military keeps me away from home. Home is where you make it but from time to time I think about the place I grew up and it hits me fairly hard. I think about waking up on a Sunday to my pops cookin a bomb ass breakfast. I’m talking, eggs, potatoes, pancakes, sausage. Straight bossin in the kitchen. Its a great meal for a hangover I most likely would have, or actually still be hammered. Or how about seein my sister and step mom making dinner together. They may have argued earlier that day for somethin dumb but to come together and make a bomb dinner and be happy, that is what its about right thurrrr. I miss my mom being up at 4am when I am up ready to travel a couple hours in traffic to school and her getting ready for work with breakfast made for me. An egg white omelet with brown rice inserted in that bad boy. I would do anything for that moment again. To come home from a long ass gay day from school to see my dogs happy to see me as always. To see Ric in the same spot for hours upon hours workin endlessly making sure he is doing enough to provide for him and my mom. I miss having my brother be in the air force and him visiting the little times he did. I freakin loved those moments when he would be home for however long he would be so I could play basketball with him or just chill. When we were younger he would punk me all the time, he was too cool for school. Too busy sprinting 8 miles from Rileys gym making 3 dollars an hour at the time all the way home to Deerwood apartments with all the legends. We had some insane moments growing up but as the years went on and us both growing, not in height, but growing as humans should grow to be mentally, he has become my best friend. My main nigga for life, I miss this man more than anyone really knows. I do not like to show my emotions because it’s not how I roll n shit but, this guy man, always brings that Denzel tear to my eye just because we missed so much damn time apart. But it’s all good because I would not be who I am without him even though he wasn’t there in my life. He was a factor in molding me, along with many other factors. The poopiest part about life right about now is that I am going to miss his wedding, how sick is that? I would love for someone to ask President Obamas if I could just use Air force 1 for 2 days to get to the wedding and back. Simple request. Or ask Justin Biebers if I could use his jet. I miss my niggas Jeremy Scott “Ice JBO Jerbo JB” Black. He has been one of my main niggas for a minute. One of the many red heads I know and have grown to love. I would love waking up being hammered still with that guy then hanging out until that night just to drink again. Our livers love us. I cant wait until I come home one day so I can sleep in the haunted room in your house, play with the hummingbird that used to live inside the house, and see Gandolf run the entire home. I miss Shaughn Alden “Rampage, dumbest smart guy, Tron, Shom, Hull. I miss his familia as well. But this guy has been there for a while and I miss watching Saw 5 on mute, or sex scenes involving GSP with a spanish accent and some random ring girl for ch 26 MMA. I miss Nicky making us laugh all damn day…all day. Shadow Ace. I wish one day you would just succumb to technology and get ahold of me more than once every 5 months. It would be nice if we could just smoke a pack of indian cigs and hoop it up in baby shorts after a homemade caveman workout with the craziest tools from Tom Hull. I miss going to my other brothers house- drew- and eating and laughing at him for years for never working but always having money. Laughing at all his polos in his closet he never wears. Laugh at his jumpsoles still in the garage with tai chi’s in them. I can’t wait until one day we all can get together over at the crib and have Rene and moms cook for all of us and watch us all get hammered! hahaha, awesome. I miss BWAG. This nigga is one of my main dudes and I barely met him not too long ago but it feels like weve been boys for years upon years. I miss driving up to the yay area in zombie mode to see all my familia. I will forever be indebted to Brandon for letting me stay there multiple times, multiple days and showing me around the area better than any tour guide can. Who gets to eat at every mexican taco truck in oakland each night, come home to play 2k for hours, and wake up to breakfast? Him and Jake killed it. They still kill it every time I would go over there and one day it will happen again. The thing that sucks the most about being this far away from home and not being able to go back when I please is being away from Jasmine. Being in a long distance relationship sucks balls. All types of balls, big, small, biggie smalls, unproportioned, whatever. It isnt too hard all the time because technology lets us talk daily through text and/or voice. It would be nice to be like hey come over for dinner im going to make this amazing microwavable dinner tonight, its to die for. But I cant do that so it sucks but what can you do, or what can i do? It was my choice to join and I dont regret it one bit because it got me to call an island with beaches everywhere “home” for the next 2 years at least. And I get paid as much as a SSgt does in the states so booyahhhhhh.

To be honest all that is making me sad and I know there were a ton of run on sentences and shitty writing but I hope I got my point across. Being in the military, there are up’s and downs. Being away from the stuff I took for granted for 20 some odd years sucks but I am so grateful for all of the experiences I got to share with so many people. If I did not name you specifically in this thing do not get emotional, because you know what killed the cat? Emotionality killed the cat. Yup thats right. Well I am glad I got to write all that down it feels suprisingly good. I will try and post more to let whoever wants to read this thing more about my time in Oki. Hollaaaa for a dollaaaaaaa

My first beach experience with some new friends. The water was warm and clear, and Japanese were wearing full outfits in it. Just like at home except Mexicans wear the outfits and Japanese people do not go in the water due to the high risk of American people coodies.

My first beach experience with some new friends. The water was warm and clear, and Japanese were wearing full outfits in it. Just like at home except Mexicans wear the outfits and Japanese people do not go in the water due to the high risk of American people coodies.